GSoC Week #2

This week I’m continue working on the tickets. Robert reminded me that the -3 compiler switch for Python 3 is already checked in to cython-devel. So I merged the latest cython-devel and cython-closures to my branch. It seems Mercurial is not smart enough. It complains about some conflicts and starts vimdiff for me to manually resolved the conflicts, even though there is actually no conflicts. Well, I take this as a chance to learn the vim diff mode – ‘do’ to get a diff, and ‘dp’ to put a diff. ‘:%diffg’ would be very useful to get all the diff from the right side (‘theirs’ in SVN term).

After that, I did the exception catching semantic change in Python 3 (#541). It means to do proper cleanup of caught exception. I did this by using a new tree transform, and then a bit worried about the reducing of performance for adding an extra transform.

Also I added the ‘…’ as the Ellipsis object (#488). Again this is an easy fix – just some modification on the parser is involved.

Meanwhile, I found that Cython do not support relative import (eg. from import bar), so I created a ticket for that (#542) and wondering how could this being implemented.


June 8, 2010. Uncategorized.

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